Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Listen to the Regents' Morning Session of Jan. 24, 2018

As always, yours truly is going about archiving the audio of the Regents meeting taking place today and tomorrow, since the Regents won't do it (for more than one year).

That said, particularly given the Regents' procedure with concurrent meetings, it takes time to review all of the sessions and summarize. So we will post the audio for the morning here and provide information on what occurred as we go in later posts. However, much of the public comment period in the morning full board session was devoted to protests about planned tuition increases.

Note: In the afternoon special session that was put on today's agenda after complaints about a conflict with the governor's State of the State address tomorrow, voting on the proposed tuition increases was delayed to later meetings. There was a presentation about the proposal, however.

Below is a link to the morning session of the full board:

Full board:
Compliance & Audit:
Public Engagement:

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