Saturday, January 27, 2018

More Computer System Problems?

From the Bruin: UCLA Extension will lay off about 25 percent of its employees this summer because its revenue will be approximately $10 million less than projected for the 2017-2018 school year.
Wayne Smutz, dean of UCLA Extension, announced the staff cuts and relocation of extension at a town hall Monday. Extension plans to cut $7 to $8 million from the budget for the next fiscal year because decreasing international and domestic enrollment is reducing its revenue, said extension spokesperson Ted Kissell in an email statement.
UCLA Extension employees who spoke to the Daily Bruin asked to remain anonymous because they were concerned for their job security.
Employee A said they think extension enrollment has fallen because Destiny, a new internal service system that relays information from the website to extension staff, has made it more difficult for students to register for classes.
“I’ve been on the receiving end of the yelling and frustration,” employee A said. “I have to apologize to students on behalf of extension because of a malfunctioning website.”
Employee B said the internal services were unable to honor early registration discounts for waitlisted students when new class sections opened. This meant potential students had to call in and wait on the line for up to an hour and a half to receive their discount.
Kissell said UCLA Extension followed UCLA policies when adopting Destiny and added the system was chosen from among the vendors who submitted proposals.
Several employees said they think Smutz has failed to demonstrate sufficient leadership over extension and misused resources.
Employee B said they think the dean has not been transparent with employees because he does not share information with staff and does not take their feedback.
“This is a culmination of missteps: We are not facing layoffs simply because we have fewer international students – we’re technologically behind the times,” employee B said. “We are facing layoffs because we lacked the leadership to navigate and negotiate all of these things.”...

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