Wednesday, January 10, 2018

No tuition increase in governor's 2018-19 budget

As noted in earlier posts, today was budget proposal day for fiscal year 2018-19 (beginning July 1) by the governor. The headline for UC (and CSU) is that he proposes no tuition increase and there was an implied threat in the presentation that if there were a tuition increase, it would be subtracted from the state appropriation. Of course, this is a proposal which now goes to the legislature and the proposal itself will be revised in May. There is an overall general fund (GF) increase for UC of 2.1%, about the official rate of inflation.

Below are the overall budget figures:

$millions                          2017-18            2018-19
Starting GF balance                 $4,611             $5,351

Revenue and transfers              127,752            129,792

Expenditures                       126,512            131,690

  Surplus/deficit                     +740             -1,898

Ending GF Balance                    5,351              3,453

Rainy Day Fund
  Start                              6,713*             8,411
  End                                8,411             13,461

  Surplus/deficit                   +1,698             +5,050

Total Reserves
  Surplus/deficit                    2,438**            3,152** 
  Total end reserves                13,762***          16,914*** 

  % of expenditures                  10.9%              12.8%
*From enacted budget estimate for 2017-18.
**Sum of surplus or deficit for general fund and rainy day fund.
***Sum of end balance in GF and end balance in rainy day fund.


Note: The higher ed portion of the budget is at

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