Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Budget leaks start

We've noted in previous posts on this blog that typically there are some leaks about the governor's proposal for a new (2018-19) state budget before the official announcement. Up to this point, there weren't any leaks and the announcement will be tomorrow. But now the leaks are beginning. There is an article in the Sacramento Bee that mainly indicates that despite added revenue, the governor will continue to caution about Bad Times to come. (No surprise there.) Another in the LA Times indicates that the governor is fully funding his K-12 formula that shifts revenue toward schools in poorer districts. But nothing has leaked about higher ed (so far).

The Bee article is at:

The Times article is at:

It's worth reminding ourselves that we are talking about a proposal, which must go through the legislative process. And typically, the governor's proposal is revised in May before the legislature acts on its final budget.

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