Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy UC?

UC, CSU campuses to be site of economic-based protests

Sacramento Bee, 11/5/11, Laurel Rosenhall

The wave of anger at banks that has swept the country with the recent Occupy movement is coming to California college campuses next week.

…The group sent letters Friday to University of California regents and trustees of the California State University, asking them to sign a pledge to support five items: increasing income taxes on California's wealthiest; changing Proposition 13 so that corporate property taxes could rise; enacting a federal sales tax on large-scale financial transactions; reducing underwater mortgage debt; and reversing tuition increases, layoffs, and cuts to public education and essential services.

University support for those demands is unlikely… UC spokesman Steve Montiel said, "I don't know what regents could do about Prop. 13 or increasing sales taxes or reducing underwater mortgages."

Refund California is made up of several unions and community groups, including the California Nurses Association, the American Federation of Teachers, Service Employees International Union, and United Auto Workers. The group is planning a week of campus protests that will conclude Nov. 16 at the meetings of the UC and CSU governing boards…

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