Monday, November 28, 2011

Listen to Audio from Regents Meeting of Nov. 28, 2011 Until Cut Off

Below you can listen to the audio of the rescheduled Regents meeting of earlier today. The meeting was a teleconference at various campus sites. It consisted mainly of the public comment session. See earlier postings on this blog for further information.

After the public comments session, the Regents attempted to discuss the UC budget. At that point, the audio went on and off, apparently in response to demonstrations. There was a statement that the room at UC-San Francisco had been cleared. The audio finally cut off entirely about 11:45 AM.

Update: A copy of the Regents audio that covers the session after the cut off recorded above has been requested. It will be posted when received.

News accounts of the meeting are at,0,7181269.story [Student protests disrupt meeting of UC regents] and [Despite Angry Protests, UC Regents Raise Administrators' Salaries]

Actions taken by the Regents on state-funded compensation are at

Actions taken on nonstate-funded compensation are at

The Regents approved a budget that ostensibly avoids a tuition increase (but is unlikely to be what the state gives us):


cloudminder said...

but it came back up after 12 and they ended at 1:05pm-- did you get that section?

California Policy Issues said...

I have only what is on the audio.

California Policy Issues said...

We now have a later post with the remaining audio on the blog.