Monday, December 29, 2014

Technical difficulties

Blog readers since yesterday may have noted an oddity in the way the blog looks.  When you click on the general web address for the blog, you see only the most recent postings ending Dec. 28 rather than the usual full blog roll (with previous postings below the Dec. 28).  This anomaly appears only to occur in the December postings.  If you click on November (scrolling down the right-hand side where postings are listed by month), the anomaly doesn't appear.  But you can still see all the December postings - not just back to Dec. 28 - by clicking on them one at a time, again scrolling down the right-hand side.  (If you are on a mobile device, you will have to go into the web view to do the scrolling.)  Yours truly has a dim memory of this problem arising before and (again dimly) recalls it going away.  So if this posting makes no sense to you and everything looks normal, it probably means that the anomaly has died and gone to tech heaven.

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