Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our holiday offering continues

As we said yesterday, there is not a lot of UC-related news at this time of the year.  One exception, however: The LA Times today has a piece on UC-Merced as the one campus that is available to admit any California student in the Master Plan's top 12.5% who didn't get into some other UC campus.  You can find it at Somewhat hidden in the article is the info that what is meant by the top 12.5% is flexible and in fact was recently tighten up to admit fewer students.

Beyond that article, we noted in our prior posting that there seems to be a flood this year of emailed holiday greetings arriving.  Here is another sample (below and one above).  And below that compilation we add another holiday-related broadcast from radio commentator Jean Shepherd (if you didn't have enough yesterday).
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And from 1963: Jean Shepherd reads "The Bootblack's Christmas":

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