Thursday, December 4, 2014

Conversation Starters

The press opinion de jour seems to be that Napolitano and the Regents started a conversation about UC finance with their tuition/state funding proposal:

From the generally liberal Sacramento Bee:

There’s nothing like the start of a good conversation. This week, as state lawmakers gathered for a new legislative session, public higher education became the talk of the town at long last. In the wake of University of California President Janet Napolitano’s threat last month to hike tuition if the state doesn’t give UC more money, the Capitol suddenly is alive with long-overdue questions...

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From the generally conservative San Diego Union-Tribune:

The University of California’s finances and management are about to get the intense dissection they’ve long deserved, prompted by a power play by UC President Janet Napolitano. Since state revenue sharply dropped a half-dozen years ago, we’ve seen near-annual fights over whether UC should hike tuition. But when Jerry Brown returned as governor in 2011, he brought a new perspective, asking pointed questions about whether UC had truly tried to reduce nonessential spending. Enter Napolitano. The former Arizona governor and homeland security czar took over as UC president in September 2013. In recent months, she’s made it plain she will be far less deferential than her predecessors. Napolitano persuaded UC regents to tentatively commit to five years of 5 percent annual tuition increases that would cumulatively total 28 percent. Presently, UC students pay about $12,000 a year, not including room, board, instructional materials and other mandatory costs...

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