Friday, December 12, 2014

New Santa Monica Big Blue Bus Routes to UCLA

The Santa Monica Bus Fleet in 1934
The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus line that connects through several routes to UCLA is undergoing a routing change connected with the extension of the Expo line light rail.  Maps and information on the proposed changes, to be discussed at next Tuesday's Santa Monica City Council meeting, are available:

...UCLA is currently served by six routes, including Routes 1, 2, 3M, 8, 12 and Rapid 12.  In the Expo Integration Plan, there are still six routes serving UCLA, but more destinations are available as a one-seat ride from campus.  The transformation of Route 3M into Route 18 will mean that students, faculty and staff in Venice will now be able to get to campus, and the extension of the Sawtelle Route 17 to UCLA will mean that residents along Sawtelle will also now be able to ride to campus without transferring...  From  There is a public comment period at the city council meeting.

Anyway, you might want to avoid this Santa Monica bus route:

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