Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Improved bus service to Westwood from San Fernando Valley

The next step?
A new bus service will be running between the San Fernando Valley and Westwood, taking advantage of the recently-constructed carpool lane on the 405:

An express bus service that is expected to cut travel time between the San Fernando Valley and the Westside by about 20 minutes will begin operating today. The Valley-Westside Express bus service will use San Diego (405) Freeway carpool lanes to take Metro riders between Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley and Westwood. Metro completed the freeway’s northbound carpool lanes in May. The southbound carpool lanes opened in 2009. Trips between the Valley and the Westside on existing bus service use surface streets, including Sepulveda Boulevard, and take about an hour to travel each way. The Valley-Westside Express route, which will run every 15 minutes during peak morning and afternoon hours, will be serviced by 45-foot buses made of lightweight material that enables them to travel at freeway speeds...

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