Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Known Fact: UCLA students have seen "The Interview"

The Daily Bruin is running an article that notes that there was a campus showing of the movie "The Interview" which is central to the current brouhaha over the hacking of Sony.  The opening of the movie in commercial theaters has been cancelled after threats.

UCLA students are some of the only people in the world that have ever seen the controversial film “The Interview” on the big screen... Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to pull the movie on Dec. 17 after their computers were hacked to gain information on thousands of employees’ private emails, salary amounts and unreleased material. North Koreans were allegedly linked to the cyber hackings and threats behind the movie’s release... However, “The Interview” was prescreened at UCLA on Dec. 8 at the James Bridges Theater as a free sneak from the Campus Events Commission, meaning that about 278 Bruins already saw this film in theaters...

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However, before you get too jealous of the 278, you might consider this:

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