Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Governor to target retiree health care

There is a tradition in December for bits and pieces of the governor's fiscal agenda to be leaked ahead of the formal budget and state of the state addresses.  News reports suggest this December is no exception and that specifically the governor will announce a policy about retiree health care.  Most state and local retiree health plans are not pre-funded; they are pay as you go.  In particular, UC's plan is not pre-funded (and the university is quick to say that unlike the pension, it is not guaranteed). 

...H.D. Palmer, a spokesman for Brown's Department of Finance... didn't provide specifics for how the governor would tackle the issue, saying only that his plan would reduce the unfunded liability and "sustain health benefits for retirees for the long term." ...

Jerry & retired parents in 1978
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It's not clear whether the governor's plan - whatever it is - will include UC.

Jerry's dad, Pat Brown, was governor in 1965 when Medicare (a purely federal program) and Medi-Cal/Medicaid (a federal and state program) came into being.  Maybe he'll be thinking kindly of dad when he proposes his plan:

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