Thursday, December 18, 2014

Diversity Course Requirement Opponents Say Hold Your Horses

It may be the result of end-of-quarter limits on the flow of information, but yours truly missed the story below from radio station KPCC that was posted today. A quick check of the search engine of the Daily Bruin produced no references to this development.  Similarly, yours truly could find nothing about it on the website of the UCLA Academic Senate (as of this date).

A diversity class approved by UCLA's Academic Senate is now on hold after dozens of professors signed and submitted a petition on Dec. 11 calling for a campus vote of all faculty members... Opposition came from 59 UCLA professors who signed a petition asking for another vote that would be open to faculty outside the College of Letters and Sciences whose faculty had proposed the class and won its approval from the Academic Senate. "Diversity is code for a certain set of politically correct or left leaning attitudes on college campuses. There’s enough of that here,” UCLA political science professor Thomas Schwartz said... The online vote of faculty would start on Feb. 25 and end March 10. It would be open to members who didn’t vote on the requirement before, such as professors in UCLA’s medical school and engineering school...

Full story at

We'll follow up on this issue, but it appears likely that there won't be more info on it available until the winter quarter begins.

UPDATE: The Daily Bruin now (as of the next day) carries the story:

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