Monday, December 15, 2014

Listen to the Regents' Committtee on Investments, Dec. 10, 2014

An earlier post noted a problem in accessing the archived meeting of the December 10 Regents' Committee on Investments.  That problem seems now to be solved.  As always, we preserve the audio since the Regents inexplicably "archive" their recordings for only one year.

Committee on Investments meetings mainly review recent and longer-term returns on the portfolios the Regents manage: the pension, the endowment, and the short-term funds, about $91 billion in all.  So much of the meeting is devoted to financial market trends.  In addition, there is a review of the returns of the various campus foundations - which are not managed by the Regents.  Often there is some discussion of what the Regents are supposed to do with the info on the foundations since they are campus affairs.  This meeting was no exception. 

You might have hoped to hear about the "sustainability" investment policy that was announced when the Regents rejected fossil fuel divestment proposals.  However, there was only a report indicating the policy was still under development and a more detailed report will be made at the February Regents meeting.  Similarly, the "UC Ventures" fund - which is supposed to invest in technologies invented at UC - is similarly under development.  There might be a report on it in February but perhaps even later.

You can hear the audio of the meeting at the link below:

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