Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That's the Ticket!

It appears that "smart" parking meters are coming to Westwood, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times.  The meters adjust the price (upwards) as spaces become scarce during peak periods.

The technology tracks the use of parking spaces, where open spots are available and periodically adjusts rates based on demand. Real-time data is uploaded to ExpressPark's website and free cellphone apps — Parker and ParkMe — which motorists can use to find parking and prices, both curbside and in off-street lots...
One of ExpressPark's main goals is to price spots so that several spaces always remain available on each block to reduce traffic congestion caused by motorists hunting for parking... A UCLA study of a 15-block area of Westwood Village determined that the search for parking resulted in motorists traveling almost a million extra miles a year. The average hunt took about 3.3 minutes, but in the late afternoon and evening the typical search lasted up to 12 minutes. Other research shows hunting for parking accounts for up to 30% of urban traffic...

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Despite the automation, there will still be someone there to hang a ticket on your car:

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