Monday, December 22, 2014


Blog readers who listened to the November Regents meeting - when the tuition/state funding budget proposal was unveiled - will know that while the Academic Senate rep endorsed the general idea of more funding for UC, there was no endorsement of the specific plan.  

However, in a newspaper article appearing in the San Diego Union-Tribune, the chair of the UC Academic Senate, Mary Gilly,* puts a seal of approval on the Regents' plan:

...As a UC faculty member and chair of the Academic Senate, I am on the front lines where educational quality is compromised by declining state support. My colleagues and I know what it takes to offer a world-class education at a preeminent research university, and to maintain UC’s contributions to this state. We also know that it cannot be done with what amounts to less than 2 percent annual increases in UC’s overall budget. The tuition stabilization plan approved by the UC regents in November — the first plan of its kind — is a prudent, necessary step that will allow UC to uphold its commitment to providing California students with a high quality, affordable college education. We can achieve this with smaller tuition increases — or no increases at all — if state leaders make the same commitment to Californians...

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