Monday, December 29, 2014

For the record

Yours truly sent a correction on Nov. 29 to the LA Times concerning an editorial cartoon shortly after the November Regents meeting (and then forgot to follow up to see if the correction had been made).  As it turned out, it had. The original version of the cartoon indicated the Regents had granted themselves big pay raises while voting for tuition increases.  But the Regents aren't paid salaries and didn't vote themselves anything.  Below is the original:
And here is the corrected version:
Whether that correction is a PR victory, I'll leave to others to determine.  However, the LA Times today is running an editorial characterizing the tuition/state funding proposal of UC prez Napolitano and the Regents as a bold move:

...Napolitano was a surprise choice for UC president because she lacked the traditional academic background. But her strategic skill and political instincts have enabled her to pull off a bold act of brinkmanship. Because of it, perhaps the Legislature will stop following Brown's lead and recognize that UC is a jewel worth preserving.

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