Friday, December 5, 2014

It couldn't happen here, right?

The Sacramento Bee runs an article about a vote at Sacramento State U by students to reject a hike in fees for an athletic facility. Interesting excerpt below:

...Public universities in California have only a few options when it comes to financing nonacademic buildings like event centers, athletic facilities, health centers and dining halls. Usually, they tap student fees or turn to donors. They are prohibited from using state money to build facilities that are not for academic uses... UC Davis used a succession of student fees to build a new football stadium, support its move up to Division I athletics, pay for a new recreation center and upgrade its coffeehouse. UCD now has the highest student fees among the nine University of California undergraduate campuses. To help fund its $321 million renovation of Memorial Stadium, UC Berkeley sold expensive seat licenses for prime viewing locations and access to luxury amenities. But that effort fell short, and the school is looking for additional methods to pay off construction debt, such as selling more seats to corporations and generating higher television revenue. Some fear the school may have to tap funds dedicated to other campus purposes...
Wait! Isn't our UCLA Grand Hotel, currently under construction, officially a "conference center"? Could a conference center also be described as an "event center"? Perish the thought! Anyway, its business plan is 100% sound. Right?

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