Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sorry about that, Harvard style

It's best just to take out the food and not complain
Yesterday, we blogged about the great struggles of Harvard business school professor Ben Edelman to receive justice from a Chinese restaurant.  You can find it at

Now, after a day or so of deep introspection concerning his Wonton :) abuse of the restaurant's proprietor, comes this:

Many people have seen my emails with Ran Duan of Sichuan Garden restaurant in Brookline. Having reflected on my interaction with Ran, including what I said and how I said it, it’s clear that I was very much out of line. I aspire to act with great respect and humility in dealing with others, no matter what the situation. Clearly I failed to do so. I am sorry, and I intend to do better in the future. I have reached out to Ran and will apologize to him personally as well.


At this point in the academic year, many faculty are under stress.  Maybe a vacation would help.  Maybe a cruise, Prof. Edelman?

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