Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trending Down

PPIC has issued a report noting that California enrollments have been dropping at UC and CSU as the state has cut funding and tuition has risen.  The chart above is from that report.  UC and CSU actually have been admitting a higher percentage of high school grads but those admitted increasingly go elsewhere.  Excerpt:

California’s financial commitment to higher education has been compromised by fiscal crises and competing state priorities. Despite large increases in the demand for higher education, state general fund spending in this area has declined notably over the past ten years. California now spends more on corrections than on its public universities.
…Key findings include:
•             Increasingly, high school graduates in California are less likely to enroll in any four-year college.
•             Enrollment rates at UC and CSU have fallen by one-fifth over the past five years, from about 22 percent of all high school graduates to below 18 percent.
•             Among the state’s most highly prepared high school graduates, the enrollment rate has declined even more—from around 67 percent to 55 percent.
•             Many opt for overcrowded community colleges, but increases in enrollment rates there do not make up for the declines at UC and CSU.
•             A small but notable share of those who were eligible and even accepted into UC and CSU do not attend college anywhere.

Full report at  The full report contains many charts and tables with more detail on state funding and enrollments.

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