Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Former UCLA Chancellor Charles Young on UC's Budget Dilemma

In an article in the CUCEA newsletter, former UCLA Chancellor Charles Young discusses the budget problems facing UC and some possible solutions: (excerpt)

  • Raising out ­of ­state and international student enrollments as a greater source of revenue.
  • Increasing tuition levels uniformly throughout the system to a level that would cover state budget cuts AND maintain quality and fully meet the costs of additional enrollments.
  • Allowing individual campuses to impose a premium above the uniform base to provide for appropriate distinctive needs and opportunities, commensurate with market conditions and ability to provide the increased aid necessary to make increases neutral with regard to students with need.
  • Creating a privatization model—through which all or parts of university operations become, in essence, financially self ­sustaining.
  • Converting the State’s subsidy to a fund for financial aid to insure that accessibility at reasonable cost is maintained for California residents.

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