Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Building Blocks: No Lessons Learned?

As part of his upcoming 5-year review, Chancellor Block has written a self-statement. In a 9-page document (not counting the cover letter) about his vision for the campus and accomplishments, the hotel/conference center is mentioned on four of them.  (First full paragraph of pages 4 and 5; last paragraph of pages 7 and 9.)  As readers of this blog will know, the Regents had major doubts about the feasibility of this project and the priority it represents. The self-statement is dated April 12, i.e., two weeks after the embarrassment for UCLA at the March Regents meeting concerning the hotel.  You can read it at the link below:

No lessons learned? Referencing the hotel over and over and over again seems a throwback to the pre-Regents meeting past:

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