Friday, May 11, 2012


That was then and this is now.

The previous post on this blog pointed to an interesting article in Inside Higher Ed about UC.  The same edition also has an article about a website,, which is reported to contain uploads of past exams from various universities, not just UC.  I checked and indeed UCLA is among those universities as are other UC campuses.  However, before you panic, the collection for UCLA was not comprehensive.  Some of what has been uploaded is not exams but rather lecture notes and handouts.  And in one case a UC-Santa Barbara instructor was listed under UCLA.

According to the article, there are legal issues related to copyright raised by such uploading and posting.  Fratfolder says it will remove any material if a request is made by the instructor.  The article has info on making such requests.  When I clicked on “legal” at the bottom of the Fratfolder webpage, nothing happened.  So the service doesn’t go out of its way to assist in making such requests.

The article is at:

UCLA Instructors can see if their names are listed and, if so, what has been uploaded from their classes at:

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