Thursday, May 24, 2012

Listen to Audio of Regent Committee on Compliance & Audit: Feb. 28, 2012

The Regents Committee on Compliance and Audit met on February 28, 2012 ahead of the March meeting.  When the Faculty Association requested a copy of the audio for this meeting, as it now always does, it turned out that the meeting had been taped (analog-recorded) rather than recorded digitally.  Thus, the Regents’ office sent the analog recording out for conversion to digital format.  There were then other delays which account for why only now are we able to post the audio.  It remains unclear why the audio of meetings of the Regents, which are streamed live, cannot simply be posted as an archive on the Regents website.  However, as long as that simple step is not being taken, the Faculty Association will continue to post the audios as received.

Below is the agenda of the Feb. 28 session followed by a link to play the recording.  The Committee did not take up the tenth item although it was on the agenda.  Since there was no quorum, no actions (votes) were taken – just discussions.  Concern was expressed over a plan to consolidate audits for medical centers with others.  There was a review of ongoing efforts to create single systems for payroll and IT services.  Discussion about privacy protections for med centers noted in particular UCLA’s problems in the past with inappropriate access to celebrity medical records.  There was also general discussion about conflict of interest reporting with an observation that the more that is spent on training for such matters as conflict of interest, the less money there is for core academic functions.

Date:  February 28, 2012
Time: 1:15 p.m.
Locations:  1111 Franklin Street, Room 12322, Oakland; 3104 Mosher Alumni House, Santa Barbara Campus; 550 East Shaw Ave., Fresno; 6840 Carothers Parkway, Ste. 600, Franklin, Tennessee
  • Public Comment Period
  • Action   Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of November 7, 2011
  • A3  Action  Approval of the Scope of the External Audit for the Year Ending June 30, 2012
  • A4  Action  Approval of External Audit Plan for the Year Ending June 30, 2012
  • A5  Discussion Organizing Technology for Shared Systems
  • A6  Discussion University of California Health Sciences Privacy Compliance
  • A7  Discussion Internal Audit Activities Report
  • A8  Discussion   Ethics and Compliance Activities Report
  • A9  Discussion Chief Financial Officer Division AIM Report: Actionable Information for Managers
  • A10  Information University of California International Activities Update

Committee membership: Regents Makarechian, Mireles, Pelliccioni, Ruiz, and Zettel (Chair); Ex officio members Brown, Gould, and Lansing; Advisory member Anderson; Staff Advisor Herbert

The audio (about 90 minutes) can be heard at:


cloudminder said...

did you post the audio or your comment for this part of the March meeting?:

did you comment on the captive insurance discussion from the May meeting?
many thanks for posting the audio.

cloudminder said...

also, on this post you have of other audio:

at the 84:00 mark on F4 could you explain the exchange b/ween Gould and Taylor about General Credit of Regents pledge and Prop 13 Gen Ob credits pledge and the if it would be possible "huge savings above and beyond what we have now" etc claims- do you have any thoughts on that exchange? a truth o meter fact check or something on that exchange?