Friday, May 4, 2012

Time Out for More Seat Time?

As readers of this blog will know, at the March Regents meeting, UCLA attempted - and failed - to get Regental endorsement of its proposed hotel/conference center project.  After an embarrassing session of a Regental committee at which the proposal was presented, UCLA pulled the item from the agenda due to the strong doubts expressed by members of the committee.  It was said that the item would be brought back to the Regents in May.

The May 16 agenda for that meeting has just been posted and no such item is to be found.

At a recent meeting for staff (audio posted on this blog), the chancellor said he needed to spend more "seat time" with the Regents to explain the proposal.

Yours truly is not clear on the seat time concept but apparently it has not been effective so far.
Maybe this is what seat time is like:

Note: The May Regents agenda is at 

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