Monday, May 21, 2012

eReserves Controversy

Inside Higher Ed today continues its coverage of the litigation on what is allowed in eReserves, i.e., readings placed online for students in courses.  A recent court decision allowed up to 10 percent of a book's contents to be put online as "fair use." University librarians generally supported the decision. Book publishers, notably university book publishers, were not happy.  It might be noted that the University of California press is one of the academic publishers that has membership in an organization of publishers that is among the unhappy and has issued a press release to that effect.

Inside Higher Ed's coverage (with links to the release and an earlier article) is at:

The Assn. of American Publishers is one of the issuers of the release.  If you go on its website, you will find the U of California Press listed among many other publishers:

Not everyone agrees

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