Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Travel Heads Up

Yours truly will be traveling for about a week so blogging may be light. No, I didn't coordinate with the Regents who are meeting today and tomorrow (and met yesterday). But they didn't coordinate with me, either.*

As usual, we will get to providing an audio archive of the Regents meetings since they refuse to keep their meetings posted beyond one year. However, because Regents' meetings cannot be downloaded, they have to be recorded in real time to be preserved as an archive. Note that other state functions such as legislative hearings, governor's speeches, etc., are preserved (and can be downloaded) from the Calchannel. The Regents believe, apparently, that they are an exception to this practice.
*You can find a summary of yesterday's meeting at Merced's problematic plans for a public-private construction partnership (which we have discussed earlier) were considered.

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