Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Adjustments can be difficult
The University of California system paid former president Mark Yudof $546,000 in 2014 – the year after he stepped down from his post, according to salary data released by the system this week.

Yudof was president of the system for five years before resigning in fall 2013 to become a law professor at UC Berkeley. He co-instructed one class at UC Berkeley for one semester in 2014, according to a faculty profile page on Berkeley’s web site. The class met once per week for three hours...

Yudof confirmed that account in an email, saying, “for 2013-14, I was receiving my UCOP compensation for a leave to prepare to re-enter teaching. This is the typical arrangement for presidents and chancellors who leave administration and prepare to begin teaching again.” Yudof said he also received pay for his teaching at Berkeley. He declined further comment...

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Still, back in the day transitions were easier:
But nowadays, it's hard to find a phone booth.

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