Wednesday, July 8, 2015

UCLA Vaccine Policy: We hate to needle, but...

Loyal readers of this blog will recall that as the now-passed mandatory vaccination bill was moving through the legislature, we pointed out that although the bill would require shots to attend K-12 starting in 2016, UC was moving on a slower track with 2017 as the starting date.*

Now the bill is passed and signed and has a starting date of July 1, 2016 or fall 2016 for new entrants into the primary and secondary schools.** So shouldn't UC be moving its mandate date to match the state's? And if UC won't do it systemwide, how about UCLA doing it on a campus level? UCLA, after all, has a large medical complex. So it has folks coming on campus on a daily basis for health reasons who shouldn't be exposed to others who won't vaccinate.

Note that almost all entering students at UC and UCLA are 18 years old or over and thus the university doesn't have to contend with wild-eyed parents who read something on the Internet about vaccines causing St. Vitus dance or whatever.


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