Sunday, July 19, 2015


Been reading about the raids of USC from UC-San Diego and UCLA? Here's what it turns out the UC campuses lack: nimbleness!

It began with one university's courtship of another's faculty star — the kind of talent poaching that has become commonplace in American academia. But USC's luring of Alzheimer's disease expert Paul Aisen away from UC San Diego has blown up into a legal battle over money, control of research data and the fate of a pioneering study... Aisen said bureaucratic and financial problems at UC San Diego made it difficult to maintain and expand his research and that USC is more flexible, allowing him to "optimize" his work...

His complaint echoed that of two neuroscientists, Arthur Toga and Paul Thompson, who left UCLA two years ago for new facilities, higher pay and what they described as a more nimble environment at USC...

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I guess we can't hold a candle to USC:

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