Monday, July 13, 2015

UCOP Gives Itself a Pat on the Back for the Budget Deal

Since our prior post this morning, the Regents website now includes the attachments for the agenda of the upcoming July 21-23 meeting. You won't be surprised that UCOP gives itself a pat on the back for the excellent budget deal it negotiated with the governor. No clear statement that what the legislature enacted is not a multi-year deal, particularly when it comes to the pension. Indeed, there is no clear recognition of the problems the pension deal has introduced with regard to faculty compensation.

The self-congratulatory summary of the deal ends with the following language: By adopting the provisions of the funding framework agreed to by the Governor and the University, the budget approved by the Legislature puts UC in a strong financial position that provides the University with predictable and stable support for the next four years and offers students and their families the certainty to confidently budget for the costs of a UC education. This outcome resulted from the spirited debate over appropriate funding levels for higher education in California sparked in large part by the plan adopted by the Board in November. The University has come a long way since then, a result that should be welcome by all University stakeholders.

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