Friday, July 17, 2015

We've heard of folks being off their trolley...

...but apparently UC-San Diego health systems wants to be on one:

The trolley's blue line is coming to UC San Diego and the university bought the naming rights to it.

The Metropolitan Transit System's board of directors unanimously voted to enter into a 30-year agreement giving UCSD naming rights to two on-campus trolley stops, the Old Town station and the unfinished blue line.

The money is coming from the UC San Diego Health marketing budget, however, it is a cooperative effort with the university.

The transportation agency will get $675,000 a year from UC San Diego Health until the blue line is extended to the university. The price will then increase to $945,000 a year. The agreement also includes annual adjustments for inflation based on the Local Consumer Price Index.

Kim Kennedy, executive director of marketing and communications for UC San Diego Health, said both the university and hospital need more exposure... UC San Diego gets a lot of bang for the buck when they enter into deals like this one, Kennedy said...

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Actually, trolleys for health is not a new idea:

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