Thursday, July 30, 2015

Enough Uncertainty to Kill?

As blog readers will know, a pension initiative has been filed that would force UC to create yet another "tier" of retirement benefits. It sweeps UC into a system along with all other public plans in California and is even worse than what the Committee of Two came up with.

Recently, the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) came up with its summary of the initiative and its effects. It points to various uncertainties about the initiative's impact. Some commentators suggest that the LAO's language would create public doubt and might kill the initiative (if it ever got on the ballot - which isn't a sure thing by any means).* You can find a news article on the LAO's summary at:

That link also includes the actual LAO document. It's not obvious to yours truly, however, that the LAO's position would end up defeating the initiative. That view may be wishful thinking. So if someone in front of your local supermarket tries to annoy you into signing the petition, don't do it.

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