Monday, July 13, 2015

Spinning off UC health?

The Regents are to receive a Rand report about future governance of the UC health enterprise. Apparently, the Rand report provides some options, one of which is "spinning off" UC health. That option is not the recommended option of Rand. Instead Rand seems to be recommending some changes in Regental governance of UC health which, one suspects, push in the direction of more autonomy. Unfortunately, the actual Rand report is not yet posted. When you click on the link provided (as of this posting), no report appears. But at the last Regents meeting, there were hints at moving to more autonomy. So while the report apparently lists a total spinoff as an option - but not the recommended path - what is recommended likely moves in that direction. Again, we will have to await the report to judge. This is another issue for which the Regents should be asking difficult questions.

For the moment, the info we have is at

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