Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UCLA Involvement (?) With Reopened MLK Hospital

Those who were around at the time in the LA area will recall the scandals surrounding medical care at the Martin Luther King hospital run then by LA County. The hospital closed as a result in 2007, attracting national attention.*

There was thereafter discussion of reopening the hospital somehow under the auspices of UC and UCLA. My recollection was that the Regents were not keen to get heavily involved or being exposed to liability but some kind of deal was arranged. The hospital reopened today and there is this rather vague statement on its website:

The County of Los Angeles provided the funding necessary to build and furnish the hospital. The County is also committed to helping with the cost of providing care to uninsured and underinsured patients. The University of California (UC) health care system, through its UCLA campus, plays a leadership role in providing some of the medical and clinical staff, and in developing high quality standards for patient care.

Local news coverage of the reopening doesn’t get into the UC or UCLA connection:

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