Friday, November 7, 2014

Tuition: Will It Be a Clash or a Negotiation?

The drama surrounding the proposed UC tuition increase continues to play out in the news media.  UC seems to be partly in the confrontation mode - cut our budget and we will take more out of state students - and partly in the negotations mode - here is the dollar amount that can buy off a tuition increase.

Whatever happens at the upcoming November Regents meeting, any negotiations will be behind the scenes with the governor, legislative leaders, the Dept. of Finance, etc.

From the Daily Bruin: Nathan Brostrom, chief financial officer of the UC, said every $20 million increase in state funding would be equivalent to about a 1 percent tuition increase avoided...

...“The notion that Proposition 30 really helped higher education is not true,” Brostrom said...  [Note: Go back to past Regents meeting to hear the Regents falling over themselves to thank Gov. Brown for Prop 30]

...If the state does not provide the money, Brostrom said the UC would consider increasing the number of out-of-state students enrolled at the University or tweaking its financial aid.
“There are other levers we can pull, things we don’t want to do that are detrimental to our stakeholders,” he said. “These are things we would have to consider if the governor did zero out our funding.” ...

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Note: It would be nice - while we are demanding-negotiating - to take up the issue of the state funding of the UC pension.  As the Regents have often noted, CSU gets its pension funding from the state via CalPERS.  At best, UC gets ad hoc contributions but nothing automatic.

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