Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Protests in Aftermath of Brown-Napolitano Clash

They clearly don't see eye-to-eye.
There were continued protests at various UC campuses following the Regents meeting at which a tuition/funding budget plan was approved.  The LA Times suggests that some kind of protest occurred at UCLA but there is little (as of this writing) in the Daily Bruin.  From the LA Times:

Hundreds of students rallied at campuses across the UC system Monday, staging walkouts, marches and sit-ins in protest of tuition increases. In Berkeley, scores of students and community members marched through the city and continued to occupy Wheeler Hall. At UCLA, several dozen students rallied in front of Powell Library. And dozens of protesters at UC Irvine staged a sit-in at the dean of students office, demanding an audience with the university's chancellor... At UCLA, protesters used chalk to write on the walls of Powell Library. One message said: "Student Power" and "No to Tuition Hikes"...

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