Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is the story muscle flexing or the UC budget?

As the date of the Regents meeting approaches, the news media is now focused on the drama of the contest between the Regents and one of their ex officio members, the governor, regarding tuition.  As blog readers will know, the governor wants a multiyear tuition freeze to continue.  UC has said it will pursue a multiyear tuition rise.

...Brown has expressed opposition to the tuition increases. He contends that his previously announced plan to increase state funding for UC and Cal State by 4% for each of the next two years depends on continuing the tuition freeze that has held since 2012. UC officials, however, say that they never agreed to such a strict long-term deal and maintain that the tuition increases are needed for the 10-campus university to pay increases in pensions and salary costs and to boost enrollment of California undergraduates by 5,000. Faculty and other administrators will watch closely to see how UC President Janet Napolitano, just finishing her first year at the helm, uses her experience as a former Arizona governor and member of the Obama Cabinet in her biggest political challenge so far at UC...

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