Friday, March 9, 2018

Maybe it will change after all

Where does he stand?
In an earlier post entitled "Status Quo," we noted that City Councilman Paul Koretz seemed to be standing (literally) with the current Westwood Village Homeowners Assn. against the campaign to carve out a separate group that is being pushed by student groups and business owners in Westwood.* In LA, the stance of the city council member is critical for matters that occur within his/her district. However, it looks like political muscle has been added to the other side. The Business Improvement District known as the Westwood Village Improvement Assn. (of which I believe UCLA is a member or participant) seems to support the carve out:

The Westwood Village Improvement Association voted to support Westwood Forward at a meeting Thursday. Westwood Forward, a coalition of business owners, students, renters and homeowners, is advocating to separate UCLA, Westwood Village and North Village from the current Westwood Neighborhood Council. The association, a nonprofit organization tasked with improving the state of Westwood Village, voted 6 to 4 in support of the proposed council.
The coalition submitted an application to subdivide the current council in December. In February, the WWNC requested the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, which oversees neighborhood councils in Los Angeles, stay with the coalition’s application until it conducted more outreach. Jim Brooks, chair of the WVIA and president of Topa Management Company, said that he does not think the WWNC benefits Westwood.
“The current status quo doesn’t work,” he said...

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