Thursday, March 8, 2018

Capacity? Cost?

From the LA Daily News: While the California State University system offers community college students guaranteed admission if they take the required classes, the University of California does not. That may soon change.
UC President Janet Napolitano announced that she is calling for the university system to begin exploring ways that guarantee admission to California’s community college students if they’re academically eligible.
Napolitano said the road to guaranteed admission could begin with the UC system’s 21 Transfer Pathways — recommended courses students can take that make them competitive for entry but fall short of a guarantee. These course pathways are available for 21 popular majors, such as chemistry, English, mathematics and film.
“Successful completion of a pathway, along with obtaining the requisite GPA, should entitle a community college student to a comprehensive review by all UC campuses and a guaranteed place in the UC system,” Napolitano said.
“This would be a major leap for the University of California — one that must be implemented carefully to achieve its desired effect,” Napolitano said.
Napolitano wants the guaranteed transfer arrangement in place by fall 2019.
Before the plan could be implemented, it would need to be approved by the Academic Senate, which sets admissions policy for the university. Depending on its recommendations, the UC Board of Regents may also need to agree to the changes. Community colleges wanting to participate would have to align with UC’s transfer policies...

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