Monday, November 1, 2010

UCLA History: Large Anti-Vietnam War Campus Demonstrations in May 1970

The extension of the Vietnam War into Cambodia led to large anti-war demonstrations in early May 1970. Photos from LA Public Library collection.

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Bobby Dias said...

1970- the North Vietnam and the South Vietnem government and the United States government had ceased hostilities against each other(1967) and had joined Pol Pot's army in 1970against the lone supporter of war in south-east asia- the Vietcong. That combination lured and trapped the Vietcong in eastern Cambodia, making it easy to massacre the Vietcong by using US bombs to driving the Vietcong into the armies of Thieu(South Vietnam and Tho(North Vietnam) and Pol Pot(the strength behind the monarchy of Cambodia for years). A death toll of 100,000 to 125,000 of the Vietcong and less than 100 for the allies in two months spelled a victory for the allies but not to those with money to be made by reporting that the US had lost the war. The students in this article were driven, in part, by lying UCLA teachers who had only the Vietnam War to keep them in their jobs($$$$$). Thieves of their paychecks and many minds of our youths.