Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Take a Hike (in Tuition)?

From today's LA Times:

Faced with flagging state funding and a $1-billion budget hole, University of California officials on Monday proposed several actions to preserve programs and stabilize finances, including far-reaching pension reforms and an 8% student fee increase for next school year.

Under the plan, undergraduate student fees for 2011-12 would rise by $822 to $11,124 annually — about $12,150 when campus-based fees are included. Some professional school fees would also rise, depending on campus and program. The fee hikes would generate about $180 million in annual revenue.

The UC Board of Regents will consider the plan when it meets Nov. 16 to 18 in San Francisco. The university raised fees 32% for the current academic year, sparking student protests.

Full article at,0,7152641,print.story

A little hiking music while we wait for the Regents:

UPDATE: Internal UC-Berkeley tribunal considers discipline for student who occupied a university building during Nov. 2009 protest of tuition hike. Article at

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