Thursday, November 18, 2010

LA Times/USC Poll on State Budget

The LA Times/USC poll reproduces, once again, the general public inconsistency about what to do about the state budget. Here (below) is a simplified version of the poll. The first figure is percentage support by program for not cutting spending or for increasing spending. The second figure represents percentage support for cutting spending a little or a lot. (Figures don't add to 100% due to those answering "don't know" or refusing.)

K-12: 71% vs. 26%

Health care for kids & low/moderate income families: 56% vs. 36%

UC & CSU: 59% vs. 36%

Transport, road, rail: 47% vs. 48%

Prisons: 20% vs. 71%

It is worth noting that federal litigation is pushing the state to spend more, not less, on prisons.

When asked more generally about how the state budget problem should be addressed, 44% favor spending cuts only, 6% favor tax increases only, and 45% favor a mix of cuts and tax increases.

Good luck, Jerry!

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