Saturday, November 13, 2010

UCLA Academic Senate Opposes Anderson Self Sufficiency

The Academic Senate has sent a letter to EVC Scott Waugh dated Nov. 1 opposing the Anderson "self sufficiency" funding plan (which some see as a form of privatization). Among the complaints are that salaries at Anderson are already at competitive levels with other business schools, that the proposal might overemphasize teaching relative to research, and that if the revenues projected fell short, there might be a financial risk to UCLA.

You can find the Senate evaluation and other documents related to this issue at

A little self sufficient music:

UPDATE: The Daily Bruin has an account of a "town hall" meeting about the Anderson plan at (The figure in the article that the state support of Anderson is only 6% seems to be an underestimate. Much depends on whether certain programs are put in gross or net terms. Probably, the figure is a typo that should be 16%.)

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