Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Listen to (Part of) Morning Session of UC Regents

I had some trouble with recording this morning’s meeting of the Regents.  It began with a statement by UC President Yudof which included reference to the impending strike at UC hospitals (which UC is trying to enjoin).  During the public comment period, however, various union spokespersons said a strike would take place next week and the public comment session ended in a demonstration which led to a halt in the meeting (and transmission) while the room was cleared.  I did record the later meeting of the Committee on Finance.  Below is a summary and a link to a recording.

Before that, however, you might ask why I recorded the session when the Regents are now providing online video and audio transmission online plus archives.  When I tried to access the archives this morning of the January and March meetings, the page on which they were supposed to be didn’t have them.  Instead, clicking on the past meetings just linked me to the current meeting.  Moreover,  a statement on the page indicates that the archived recordings (which I couldn’t find) would be available only for one year.  It was unclear whether the archives would be available in any form after one year.  I have inquired about all this to the Secretary of the Regents.  More news on the archive issue when it becomes available.
Lenz & Brostrom

In any event, here is an outline of discussion of the part I did record and the link:

  • Discussion of the governor's May Revise budget as it pertains to the University. 
  • Discussion of lack of state pension contributions to UC which would match CSU
  • Discussion of UC debt restructuring to enhance cash flow. 
  • Discussion of lack of state funding for UC-Riverside medical school. 
  • Discussion of possible funds from Prop 39 of Nov. 2012 for energy efficiency. 
  • Discussion of legislative performance standards hooked to budget and relation to Regental autonomy. 
  • Discussion of setting up a 501c3 entity at UCLA to enhance revenue from technology transfer.
  • Dorr & Economou
  • Discussion by UC President Yudof follows Committee session on his state of the university report.  Note: The report itself was not included with other online materials.  President Yudof did express some concern about loss of UCLA faculty to USC.  (See earlier posts.) However, his remarks were largely a suggestion to read the report – which we don’t have.

Click below to listen:

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