Saturday, May 25, 2013

Food Gift for Thought

From the Westwood-Century City Patch:

A $4 million gift to the UCLA School of Law will go toward establishing a program to study and improve food law and policy, it was announced Friday. The Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy, said to be the first program of its kind at a major law school, will explore ways to hasten improvements in food safety, distribution and access, according to UCLA. The gift from the Resnick Family Foundation provides for as much as another $3 million in matching endowment funds. Lynda and Stewart Resnick ,who own such companies as POM Wonderful, Teleflora and FIJI Water, are longtime supporters of UCLA. "Our goal with this donation is to help consumers better understand exactly what they're eating,'' Stewart Resnick said. "It's also an opportunity to improve the clarity and accuracy of food labeling and broaden access to healthy food options. I'm very optimistic that this program can save lives.''...

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But then there is this item (totally unrelated, I'm sure) from the Jan. 16 Wall St. Journal:

Federal regulators on Wednesday released their final ruling against POM Wonderful LLC, makers of a popular pomegranate juice, saying ads for the juice such as one headlined "Cheat death" made misleading claims about the drink's health benefits. The ruling by the Federal Trade Commission, which has been battling POM Wonderful since 2010, could also affect food and drink makers more broadly because the agency detailed its standards for claims that a product treats a disease. The FTC said POM's claims must be backed by two randomized, controlled clinical trials, the same type of evidence the Food and Drug Administration seeks when approving new drugs.POM's owners, Los Angeles billionaires and philanthropists Lynda and Stewart Resnick, don't see anything final about the decision and intend to fight on. "POM Wonderful categorically rejects the FTC's assertion that our advertisements made any misleading disease treatment or other health claims," said the company...

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Anyway, it's a healthy gift:

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