Friday, August 29, 2014

Final End of a Tale (Tail?) of an Overreaching DA

Example of a 1950s D.A. haircut. Google it to find out what D.A. stood for back then.
Over a considerable period now, we have on-and-off followed the case, filed by the LA County D.A., against a professor at UCLA who was peripherally involved in a minor, short-time hire of his wife that was ok'd by the legal types at the university.  The Daily Bruin today carries a report which seems to be the final demise of that absurd case.  It appeared at the time that the D.A. hoped to get some leverage in another case against a UCLA professor that stemmed from a lab fire. That didn't happen.

A state appeals court ruled Wednesday that a UCLA political science professor cannot be criminally prosecuted for an alleged conflict of interest after he was involved in the hiring of his wife as a program assistant at the university...

Hundreds of students and alumni joined a Facebook group soon after in support of (the professor).
The case was dismissed in 2013 after a judge ruled that a state government code (the professor) allegedly violated, section 1090, does not apply to UC employees. The district attorney’s office later appealed the ruling, leading to Wednesday’s decision.

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