Monday, August 11, 2014

State Cash

Although one month's results hardly count as a prediction of budget trends, the state controller is reporting that July tax revenues were above projections in the recently-enacted state budget.  Governor Brown has tended to favor "conservative" revenue projections in budget making in an effort to hold back expenditures.  So maybe the extra revenue is a reflection of that tendency.

In any event, the fact that there is more than projected could enhance the attempt by some in the legislature to provide additional funding for UC.  Prior postings have noted that some additional funding was made conditional on local property tax receipts and those receipts were not sufficient to trigger the added funds.  That result led to pressures in the legislature to give UC and CSU the funds anyway.  Whether the governor will go along, even if such a bill were to be passed, remains uncertain.

You can find the cash statement for July at

Despite the uncertainty, you can try to be optimistic:

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