Friday, May 16, 2014

Listen to Regents Morning Meeting of May 14, 2014

The meeting opened with public comments.  The UC-Berkeley-owned Gill Tract farm – an issue that seemed to peak in 2012 – seems to be back on the agenda, at least during public comments.  Our prior posts on this topic are at:

Other topics were fossil fuel divestment, sexual assault, Israel divestment, impact of the planned Richmond Bay Campus of the Lawrence Berkeley lab (, and worker safety.  A demonstration by the fossil fuel folks stopped the meeting and eventually it was agreed to add 10 minutes to the comment period.  In the extended period, in addition to the earlier topics, subjects were tuition and affordable student housing vs. other development at Davis.
Regents were randomly assigned to visit two campuses, one north and one south.   

President Napolitano gave a report and devoted time to sexual assault on campus.  She also made two student awards and referred to a UC-Mexico initiative.  Faculty rep Bill Jacob spoke in defense of the Master Plan in response to the U of Penn grad student report which said it was failing.  (We have previously blogged about that report which got far more attention than deserved.)

The Committee on Educational Policy discussed sexual assault issues but mainly was devoted to transfers from community colleges to UC.  Gov. Brown said he wanted the idea to be studied because it was a way of cutting costs (students go to cheaper community colleges for 2 of their 4 years) and would increase diversity.  However, Regent Blum raised concerns about differing admission standards for those entering in the freshman year and those transferring from community colleges.

Finally, the Committee on Oversight of the Dept. of Energy labs heard a report about bio-manufacturing. 

You can hear the full morning session at the link below:
Brown’s remarks on community college transfers can be heard at the link below:

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